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MOIG is a voluntary non-profit making association of petroleum enterprises formed to promote continual improvement of oil spill response capabilities of the Mediterranean through mutual regional cooperation.
It was initiated by the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA), following a joint IMO/IPIECA oil spill response Seminar held in Cairo in 1992, where a commitment was made to set up an industry network in the Mediterranean region. The first MOIG meeting took place in Rome in April 1995 and the permanent secretariat was officially based n Tunisia in July 2003 following the Headquarter Agreement.

MOIG is a regional oil industry forum designed to encourage sustainable oil spill preparedness and response in the Mediterranean region as well as to ensure industry coordination in the event of an oil spill. It’s comprised of oil companies, associations, responders, manufacturers, academicinstitutions that work in preventing and responding to oil spills in all countries bordering the Mediterranean sea. It also provides a regional industry interface with the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean (REMPEC).

MOIG shares information, resources, best practices and expertise to help the Mediterranean oil and gas industry to enhance their capabilities on oil spill preparedness and response.

Mission, Vision and Objectives

Mission & Vision

  1. To enhance oil spill preparedness and response to oil spill incidents in the Mediterranean region
  2. To promote continual improvement of oil spill response capabilities of the Mediterranean through mutual cooperation
  3. To create a regional network of industry oil spill response coordinators in all countries bordering the Mediterranean sea
  4. To facilitate regional exchange of resources, and expertise on oil spill prevention, preparedness and response.


  1. To build standards and facilitate effective oil spill response partnership relations between members;
  2. To strengthen member’s ability to prepare for and respond safely and effectively to oil spill incidents;
  3. To improve the collection and dissemination of data on oil spill preparedness and response
  4. To promote awareness and best practices on spill preparedness
  5. To ensure that the membership is highly representative of our group

Management Committee

MOIG is lead by a Management Committee elected from the members by the General Assembly. The Management Committee provides a balanced representative of the Oil and Gas industry in the Mediterranean region. It is responsible for the Group overall strategy and direction. It provides guidance on work plans, finance and communications.
The MOIG secretariat and the register of members and technical partners are maintained by the Director, who is seconded by ETAP, according to MOIG Constitution and Rules. He is responsible for the management, administrative and technical tasks.

Mahmoud Kamour

Chairmain - NOC - Libya

Hatem Ben Khelil

Member - ETAP - Tunisia

Malek Kallel

Member - SEREPT - Tunisia

Houcine Mejri

Director - ETAP - Tunisia