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TPR Series: Incident Management System (IMS)

in External Events

15 February 2023, the MOIG Director participated to webinar titled “Incident Management System (IMS)”; organized by Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL); technical partner; via electronic conferencing platform.

This webinar was presented by Paul Foley, Response and Technical Manager Dave Rouse; Crisis and Incident Management Lead.

Paul Foley started by introducing the Tired Preparedness and Response (TPR) capabilities highlighting that there are 15 recognized capabilities which essentially represent the scope of TPR. He noted that each capability is underpinned by a robust Incident Management System (IMS). He explained that IMS is also tiered: Tier 1 for local, Tier 2 for Regional and Tier 3 for International level. He underlined that IMS is the key to unlock the capabilities of people, equipment and other support.

Dave Rouse underlined that IMS is based on three elements: Structure, skillset and mindset. He noted that skillset concerns those who are in the team and what they can do. He then presented the new skillset operating models such as: virtual, physical and hybrid working. Regarding mindset, he explained that it means how individuals and the team perceive and tackle challenging situations

Paul Foley also presented the common principles of all Incident Management Systems highlighting that there are focused on organization, management and structure.